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Art History - Degrees & Policies

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate: BA, Minor


See The Department of Art Academic Advisor Lisa Hewitt, 205 Center for the Arts, for advisement. Students are also strongly urged to consult with faculty regarding their choice of individual courses.

Acceptance Information

All students are urged to apply to the art history major in person as early as possible, preferably during the sophomore year.

Academic Requirements

Majors begin by taking two survey courses (AHI 101 and AHI 102) that introduce the issues and major monuments of art history and a introductory theory course VS 150. Building on this foundation, students complete six required VS and AHI courses. These courses provide more focused examinations of the history and concerns of specific societies. Majors are additionally required to take a methods course; and three sequential semesters of language study. While a senior honors thesis is not required, majors are encouraged to consider undertaking such a project during their final year.

These requirements apply to all majors admitted to the Art History, beginning in the fall 2014 semester. Majors accepted previously have the option of completing either the new or the older requirements.

Transfer Policy

All art history transfer courses must be evaluated and approved by the department. Forms may be obtained from the Office of Admissions, 15 Capen Hall. Generally, the following transfer courses will be accepted: the equivalent of AHI 101 and AHI 102 covering the history of art from ancient to modern, and any two of the area courses. Transcripts are required for all courses, and course descriptions are required for any of the area courses.

Art History - B.A.

Acceptance Criteria

Minimum GPA of 2.0 overall.
Minimum GPA of 2.0 in departmental courses.

Prerequisite Courses

Completion of or registration in any two of three required introductory courses: AHI 101, AHI 102, VS 150.

Required Courses

AHI 101 Survey of Art History: Egypt to Renaissance
AHI 102 Survey of Art History: Italian Renaissance to Contemporary
VS 150 Visual Theory and Aesthetics
AHI 494 Methods of Art History
Two Pre 19th Century AHI Electives
Two AHI Electives
Two Visual Studies Electives
Three Foreign language courses (9 credit hours)*

*Proficiency in a foreign language through the first semester of the second year or its equivalent is required, to be demonstrated through classroom courses or through alternatives outlined in the Foreign Language Placement section of this catalog. American Sign Language cannot be used to fulfill this language requirement. S/U grading may not be selected for courses taken to fulfill this requirement.

Undergraduate Credit Requirements Chart

Credits Required for Major 43
Additional Credits Required for Gen Ed 37
Additional Credits Required for Electives 40
Total Credits Required for Degree 120

Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine how any transfer or exam credit might be utilized in meeting general education, prerequisite, or major requirements.

See Baccalaureate Degree Requirements (UB Curriculum) for general education and remaining university requirements.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all requirements, the student will have knowledge to:

  • Acquire analytical skills to enable them to access (latent and manifest) meanings in visual images. They will develop a visual literacy
  • Acquire a solid understanding of the roles of art and visual culture in a particular historical period and/or world culture
  • Develop skills in critical writing, including the organization of a thesis and its defense
  • Acquire skills and methods tor conducting historical research
  • Acquire a substantial understanding of art as a specific epistemic and historically important category of human expression and discovery

Art History Electives

Art history electives include six courses, two AHI elective, two VS electives, and two AHI pre 19th century electives.

Pre 19th Century

AHI 204 Mythology in Ancient Art
AHI 301 Art & Archaeology of Egypt
AHI 302 Art of Greece
AHI 303 Greece, Egypt and the Holy Land
AHI 304 Narration in Ancient Art
AHI 307 Art of Early Greece
AHI 325 Greek Art and Mythology
AHI 353 Art of Islam

AHI 352 Nineteenth Century Architecture
AHI 360 Frank Lloyd Wright
AHI 386 Modern Architecture
AHI 390 American Architecture

AHI 310 Early Medieval Art
AHI 312 Romanesque Art
AHI 314 Gothic Art
AHI 317 Art of the Middle Ages
AHI 320 Northern Renaissance Art
AHI 322 Italian Renaissance Art
AHI 324 Italian Mannerist Art
AHI 328 Renaissance Architecture
AHI 330 Italian Baroque Art
AHI 331 Michelangelo and His Era

AHI Electives

ART 240 History of Graphic Design
AHI 262 Art in America: An Introduction
AHI 251 Introduction to Modern Art
AHI 254 Art of 19th-Century
AHI 275 Art and Revolution
AHI 347 African American Art
AHI 350 18th-Century European Art and Ideas
AHI 355 Painting and Sculpture: 1789-1850
AHI 358 Impressionism and Postimpressionism
AHI 372 Art Between World Wars I and II
AHI 363 Eakins, Homer, and Turn-of-the-Century America
AHI 364 American Realisms
AHI 365 Art and Culture in Victorian America
AHI 387 American Art

VS 300 Special Topics: Performance Art: History & Theory
AHI 380 Image and Gender
AHI 395 Contemporary Art
AHI 448 History of Photography
VS 375 Science, Culture, and Emerging Media
VS 449 Topics in Contemporary Photography

AHI 206 Introduction to Chinese Art
AHI 311 Indigenous Arts: Past, Present
AHI 341 East Asian Art
AHI 345 Chinese Painting Premodern-Present
AHI 346 Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
AHI 383 Chinese Calligraphy
AHI 311 Indigenous Arts: Past, Present
AHI 334 Native American Art: Economic Renewal or Ruin
AHI 342 Photography and the Colonial Gaze
AHI 319 History of African Art
AHI 354 Topics in Islamic Art

VS Electives

VS 200 Dept of Art Speaker Series (one credit course)
VS 260 Visual Theory and Aesthetics 2
VS 300 Special Topics
VS 400 Special Topics
VS 375 Science Culture and Emerging Media
VS 449 Topics in Contemporary Photography
VS 479 The Revolutionary Sublime
VS 480 Discourse and Deconstruction
VS 487 space, Vision and Power

Finish in Four Sequence

View the Finish in Four Curricular Plan for the Art History BA which is a recommended sequence of courses to help achieve this degree in four years.

Art History - Minor

Acceptance Criteria

Minimum GPA of 2.0 in AHI 101 Survey of Art History: Egypt to Renaissance, AHI 102 Survey of Art History: Italian Renaissance to Contemporary.

Required Courses

AHI survey courses (AHI 101 and AHI 102)
Four AHI courses above the 100 level.

Minor Credit Requirements Chart

Total Credits Required for Minor/Certificate 18

Minors and certificates must be completed in conjunction with a major and all university degree requirements must be met.

Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine how any transfer or exam credit might be utilized in meeting general education, prerequisite, or major requirements.

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