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Asian Studies Major

The interdisciplinary major permits the student to explore several regions and cultures of Asia as well as the Asian experience in America. At the same time, it requires a focus on one region or culture of Asia and a related Asian language. The major conveys skills and concepts needed for understanding the rich civilizations and vibrant nations of Asia and for relating professionally with people in and from Asian countries.

Asian Studies Minor

As a companion to a major in an academic or professional field, the interdisciplinary minor broadens and enriches the student's academic experience. It conveys skills and concepts needed for understanding the rich civilizations and vibrant nations of Asia and for relating professionally with people in and from Asian countries. The minor is a valuable credential for graduate study and an international career.

Acceptance Criteria - B.A., Minor

A minimum grade of "C" in any two courses required for the major/minor.

Acceptance Information

Deadlines: Rolling


New majors and minors should meet with the undergraduate advisor to plan their course of study and discuss study abroad, internship, and other opportunities. Majors and minors also should meet with the undergraduate advisor at least once a semester to discuss their progress toward the degree .

Transfer Policy

With permission, transfer students may use up to five courses (up to a maximum of 15 credit hours) taken at other institutions in fulfillment of Asian Studies major requirements. Students must take at least three approved upper-level (300/400-level) courses and complete the senior thesis requirement at UB.

Transfer students who wish to minor in Asian Studies must take at least one core course and two approved upper-level (300/400-level) courses at UB.

Students who wish to fulfill the language requirement with courses taken at another institution must demonstrate proficiency equivalent to two years of classroom language study at UB.

All courses counted toward the major or minor must be completed with a minimum grade of C -.

Degree Requirements

Please see Degrees and Policies.

About Our Courses

Suggested Introductory Courses
  • AS 101 Introduction to Asian Studies
  • AS 181 or AS 182 Asian Civilizations
  • AS 221 Survey of Asian Literature
  • AS 229 Contemporary Asian Societies
  • AS 110 The Asian American Experience
  • An elementary course in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi/Urdu, or another Asian language

Regularly Offered Courses
Students can take courses offered by Asian Studies and Asia-related courses in other departments to fulfill major requirements. A complete list of courses that could fulfill major requirements is published before registration opens in each semester.

In addition to the introductory courses, Asia-related courses that are regularly offered include:
AS/ PHI 252 Eastern Philosophy
AS 323 Gender in South Asian Lit.
AS/ HIS 343 Indonesia: From Colonialism to Dictatorship
AS 347 The Fantastical World of Japanese Anime
AS/ HIS 369 Korean History to 1800
AS/ HIS 374 Christianity in East Asia
AS 383 Travel Writing in Asia
AS/ HIS 389 Pirates, Drifters, Fishers: Maritime Southeast Asia
AS/ HIS 391 China and the World
AS 392 Asian Religions
AS 401 Buddhism
AS/ COM 410 Communication in Asia and Pacific Rim Countries
AS 446 Islam and Literature
AS 496 Asian Studies Internship
AS 498 Senior Research in Asian Studies
APY 265 People of Southeast Asia
APY 366 Peoples of Asia
APY 421 Islam and the West
CHI 280 Survey of Chinese Culture
CHI 341 Literary Chinese I
CHI 342 Literary Chinese II
CHI 401 Readings on Chinese Culture and Customs
CHI 402 Readings: Chinese Customs
CHI 410 Intro to Chinese Linguistics
COM 491 Chinese Cinema
CPM 250 USA & The Muslim World
CPM 390 Islamic Cultural History
ENG 270 Asian American Lit.
ENG 376 Islamic Epic
HIS 331 Korean History to 1864
HIS 335 Culture, Memory and Uses of the Past
HIS 368 Modern Japan Since 1600
HIS 375 The U.S. and East Asia
HIS 403 Korea-Japan, 1895-1945
HIS 431 Myth and History
HIS 482 Problems in Japanese History
HIS 483 Folk Heroes & Historical Martyrs
HIS 485 20th Cent. China Politics
HIS 487 Self and Society in Chinese History
JPN 211 Intro to Japanese Culture
JPN 411 Intro to Japanese Linguistics
KOR 211 Korean Language and Culture
PHI 454 Chinese Philosophy
PSY 437 Cross-Cultural Psych.
SOC 380 Family in a Comparative Perspective

Asian American Studies

The Asian Studies Program, Department of Transnational Studies, and other departments offer courses exploring the history, literature, and social dynamics of people of Asian origin in North America.

For course descriptions, please see Courses.

About Our Faculty

Over twenty Asian specialists in a variety of humanities and social sciences fields, focusing on China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

Please visit our program's website for additional information about our faculty.

Practical Experience and Special Academic Opportunities

Students can study abroad in Asia, undertaking language study and non-language classes. They can spend an academic year, semester, or summer at outstanding universities throughout Asia on programs offered by the University at Buffalo and other SUNY campuses. Academic credit can be transferred to UB. For information, see Study Abroad Programs.

Asian Studies majors and minors can also earn credit for Asia-related internships, including internships offered in the Asian Studies Program office.

Extracurricular Activities

The Asian Studies Program sponsors an on-going series of presentations called Asia at Noon, hosts exhibitions and performing artists from Asia, and organizes special lectures and conferences. Weekly listserv announcements and timely Facebook posts keep students apprised of these opportunities and others organized at UB and throughout the Buffalo area.

Majors and minors are encouraged to join student organizations that focus on Asian cultures. See the Asian Studies website or Asian Studies Program Facebook Page for detailed information.

Complementary Programs and Courses

Majors that Complement Asian Studies

Other Academic Concentrations at UB with a Focus on Asia

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