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Aerospace Engineering - Overview

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Kemper E. Lewis
Matthew Ringuette
Director of Undergraduate Studies


The four-year undergraduate program leading to the BS degree in aerospace engineering prepares students for careers in aerospace and related technologies. This includes the traditional aeronautics and astronautics applications (e.g., subsonic and supersonic aircraft, satellites, space shuttle, space station), as well as aerospace-related component development (design of structures, devices, and instruments) and vehicle and propulsion system design.

The Program Educational Objectives for our graduates are:
  1. Graduates will hold a position in aerospace engineering or other professional career or will be engaged in advanced study.
  2. Graduates will serve their profession and their community by participation in professional and community groups.
  3. Graduates will use the unique problem-solving skills from their engineering training to make a significant, informed impact on current and future societal challenges.
During the first and second years, students will be provided with broad knowledge in applied mathematics, physics, and the engineering sciences. During the third and fourth years, students build upon this foundation by learning the specialized topics of aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, vehicle design, and stability and control.

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