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American Sign Language * - Overview

Department of Linguistics (American Sign Language)

Contact Information

College of Arts and Sciences
609 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1030

Phone: 716.645.2177
Fax: 716.645.3825
Web Address: linguistics.buffalo.edu/language_programs
Jean-Pierre Koenig
Mitsuaki Shimojo
Director of Language Programs
Emily Glenn-Smith
Director of American Sign Language Program


*Not a baccalaureate degree program
American Sign Language (ASL) is growing in usage everyday, and many states have passed laws recognizing ASL as a complete and natural language. Hundreds of colleges and universities throughout America now accept ASL in fulfillment of language entrance and exit requirements.
More and more television stations are using sign language in their programs and advertising, and most school systems are now mainstreaming their deaf and hard of hearing students-- dramatically increasing the need for sign language interpreters.

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