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About Our Degrees

Acceptance Criteria - BS

BS Degree
The BS in Pharmacology & Toxicology is offered to undergraduates who are interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the actions of drugs and toxic agents on living cells and tissues.

Acceptance Criteria
The Admissions Committee will review the applicant's prerequisite GPA, entire transcript (including non-UB courses) and research experience. Applicants must have a minimum pre-requisite GPA of 2.5 to be considered, but this does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

The program is very competitive as the department receives about 50-80 applications and enrolls about 35-40 per year. The Fall 2015 incoming class had an average prerequisite GPA of 3.282.

Advising notes:
The department encourages students to apply by February 15th of their sophomore year. Students can obtain an application on the Department website. The department strongly encourages all students to complete all general education requirements before they apply to the BS degree program.

Students admitted and matriculated into the BS Program in Pharmacology & Toxicology have the opportunity to apply for a joint BS/MS Program during the spring semester of their junior year.

Students admitted to the BS/MS Program begin their work as graduate students during the fall of the 4th year. This program is designed so that students can get a combined degree in 5 years.

Acceptance Criteria - BS/MS

Must be a registered University at Buffalo PMY major during their junior year

Advising notes:
The department encourages students to apply by April 1st of their junior year. Students should contact the departmental office to obtain application instructions. In addition to the application, students must submit three letters of recommendation and a personal statement.

A Minor in Pharmacology and Toxicology is offered to science and non-science majors interested in acquiring an introductory understanding of the actions of drugs and toxic agents on living cells and tissues.

Acceptance Criteria - Minor

Minimum GPA of 2.5 in prerequisite courses.
Minimum GPA of 2.0 overall in minor to graduate.

Acceptance Information (For BS)

Number of accepted majors/year: 40

Total number of majors currently enrolled: 60

Number of applicants (2015-2016): Approximately 125 applications total for both major and minor

Degree Requirements

Please see Degrees and Policies.

About Our Courses

The typical class size for upper level/advanced courses is 20-130.

Although not required for majors, PMY 302 and PGY 300 are good courses for those students who are interested in exploring Pharmacology and Toxicology. These courses are required for the minor.

For course descriptions, please see Courses.

About Our Faculty

Our faculty has extraordinarily broad and diverse areas of research interest. These areas include, neuropharmacology, behavioral pharmacology, hormone mechanisms, drug use and abuse, toxicology, biophysics and genetics of ion channels, pharmacogenomics & toxicogenomics, circadian rhythms, neuroscience, and cancer.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. James Olson, is regularly available to discuss the program.

Please visit our department website for additional information about our faculty.

Practical Experience and Special Academic Opportunities

Outstanding Senior Award - Presented to the student who has maintained a high level of academic performance throughout their undergraduate career.

Independent Study and Undergraduate Research are available with permission of an instructor.

Extracurricular Activities

Pharmacology and Toxicology Club.

See the UB Student Association.

Complementary Programs and Courses

Majors that Complement Pharmacology and Toxicology

Minors that Complement Pharmacology and Toxicology

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