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Civil Engineering
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Prof. Andrew S. Whittaker
Dr. M. V. Sivaselvan
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ms. Eva McGovern
Undergraduate Academic Coordinator


Civil engineers build societies. Their ability to translate complex ideas -initiated by policymakers or market demands- into concrete reality is the main reason we have buildings, bridges, roads, railroads, subway systems, airports, water supply systems, and jetliners. The list is far from complete. Being one of the oldest engineering disciplines its historical as well as modern day achievements are known to everyone. Ancient engineering projects include the Great Wall of China, roads of the Roman Empire, Mayan ruins or the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge. Today, the public is familiar with civil engineering achievements such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam or New York City's water supply system. Accomplishments such as these illustrate the diversity, scale, grandeur, and functionality that is civil engineering. Because they often work in the public arena, civil engineers require broad technical training as well as strong communication skills, and usually must be licensed as professional engineers. Faculty in our department are at the cutting edge of civil engineering research, and have had key contributions in some of the major projects around the world. Our alumni are also involved in exciting projects worldwide.

The educational objectives of the undergraduate civil engineering program are that graduates will:
- Satisfy the requirements of their employers for professional practice in civil engineering
- Continue their professional development in civil engineering, including professional licensure, continuing education, and/or graduate study

Based upon the objectives above, our program presents students with the knowledge and skills of the profession that will be useful as they begin their careers and/or prepare for advanced studies.

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