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Communication - Overview

Department of Communication

Contact Information

359 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1060

Phone: 716.645.2141
Fax: 716.645.2086
Web Address: communication.buffalo.edu
Mark G. Frank
Lance Rintamaki
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Azita Safaie
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Vivian M. Williams
Director of Internships


The Department of Communication seeks to understand and to improve human communication in all its forms. The undergraduate program provides students with comprehensive knowledge of the nature of human communication, the symbol system by which it occurs, its media, and its effects. As a field of concentration, the department contributes to a liberal education and provides basic preparation for either graduate study or careers in communication. Our teaching transforms students from passive to active learners, deepening their understanding of communication while helping them learn fundamental scientific processes - how scholars ask questions and conduct inquiries, gather and analyze data, and articulate results. Finally, the department provides a flexible environment where students are free to work closely with faculty and follow their own interests.

Employment opportunities exist in organizational and industrial institutions, public relations and advertising agencies, new media and technology centers, personnel departments, the mass media, and civil and social agencies. Students have also gone on to graduate school or law school, military officer training school, and law enforcement.

Those wishing to pursue teacher education must obtain a dual major as communication alone is not accepted by graduate education programs in New York State.

Since 2005, UB's Department of Communication has offered a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Communication program in Singapore, in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Management/SIM University.

The communication degree program offered in Singapore is comparable in all respects to the one offered in Buffalo, and has the same admission and degree requirements. Communication faculty from UB, other U.S. universities, and SIM teach in the Singapore program.

Students enrolled in the Singapore program undertake three semesters of course work per calendar year and can complete their degrees within three years. They have the option of completing one or more of their semesters of study at UB.

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