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Computer Science - Overview

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
338 Davis Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-2500

Phone: 716.645.3180
Fax: 716.645.3464
Email: cse-uginfo@cse.buffalo.edu
Web Address: www.cse.buffalo.edu
Chunming Qiao
Atri Rudra
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Donna Grant
Undergraduate Advisor


Computer Science (CS) is a systematic study of the concepts, foundations and applications of software, hardware, and intelligent systems. Typical subjects include: programming languages, data structures, algorithms, computer organization, operating systems and machine learning. Computer scientists are engaged in understanding the algorithmic complexity of problems and the limits of computability, automating human intelligence, providing ubiquitous access to information, or designing secure and effective software, computer, and communication systems. Computer scientists work in every sector of industry, government, and society in general.

The department aims to provide students with strong conceptual foundations (theoretical and experimental), and also expose them to the forefront of the developments in the field of computing. Recognizing the applicability of computing to all fields of knowledge and practice, the department provides a variety of degrees and programs at each of the degree levels, and cooperates with other units of the university to provide interdisciplinary degree programs.

In their careers, graduates of the program will attain the skills to:
  • work productively as Computer Scientists, including supportive and leadership roles on multidisciplinary teams
  • communicate effectively, recognize and incorporate societal needs and constraints in their professional endeavors, and practice their profession with high regard to legal and ethical responsibilities
  • engage in life-long learning, such as graduate study, to remain current in their profession and be leaders in our global technological society.

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