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Creative Writing Certificate Program * - Overview


Contact Information

Creative Writing
College of Arts and Sciences
306 Clemens Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-4610

Web Address: www.buffalo.edu/cas/english/undergraduate-programs/creativewriting.html
Dimitri Anastasopoulos
Director (Spring 2014-Spring 2017)


*Not a baccalaureate degree program

The English Department now offers a Creative Writing Certificate. The Certificate welcomes students of any major.

Our Program
Everyone writes.

We're social beings. We tweet. We blog. We post status updates. Send emails that describe and shape descriptions of our day-to-day life for friends, family, and colleagues.

We turn in papers and lab reports that meet our professors' expectations. Perhaps we keep a journal to reflect on the pleasures and ironies of daily experiences that take us by surprise.

Everyone writes.

But sometimes we put words on a page and we're not sure what they are.

The Creative Writing Certificate program is designed to give students a space where you can figure out what kind of writing you do. What shape it can take.

Let us help you to discover what your writing might become.

Informed by UB's history of innovation in the arts, the writing workshops and literature courses in the Creative Writing Certificate program arise from our faculty's shared belief that writing is a capacious act-an intervention-in the worlds (personal, local, global) that surround and influence each of us. In our classes, we present writing as a situation layered by critical examination, inventive thought, wild speculation, complex, often paradoxical feelings, multiple, entangled media platforms and social circuits, differing perceptions of time, and an ongoing translation of languages, as much as people and cultures.

Our Creative Writing Certificate invites you to view your writing as an investigative, exploratory process in its own right: a mode of inquiry that arises from the books we read, the lives we lead and imagine, the cultural landscapes we traverse and experience, as much as the problems we'd like to solve.

Open to students from ALL majors, the new Creative Writing Certificate is specifically designed to support young writers. Our distinctive mentorship program encourages conversations between faculty and students, between peer writers, as well as the many guest writers who visit UB each semester in our nationally regarded Exhibit X Fiction and Poetics Plus Series.

The Creative Writing Certificate program particularly encourages students from outside the Humanities to take our courses. Whether you're studying Architecture or Engineering, Business and Management, Arts or Dance, or programs in Applied, Computer, Cognitive, or Pharmaceutical Sciences, our faculty can find a way to work with you and your creative interests.

The Creative Writing Certificate is founded, above all, in a supportive community of writers who participate equally in the workshop experience. Faculty writers endeavor to see the promise in each student's work. And we encourage our students to see the potential in the workshop space they develop together. Our shared task is to help you to discover the idiom of your art: to evolve your worlds as words.

The Creative Writing Certificate Program aims to give students the skill sets they need to: 1) follow a career path as writers, 2) publish their work, and/or 3) successfully apply to graduate programs in creative writing (MA, MFA, PhD) in the genre of their choice by submitting material nurtured with the help of UB's faculty.

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