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Career Information and Further Study

Employment for those in media study generally focuses on creativity and production techniques utilizing film, video, electronic, and computer-generated technology. This field integrates the examination of culture with the art and science of information/idea transfer through the use of images and sound.

It is important that students acquire a strong background in both the social sciences and liberal arts, develop refined verbal and written communication skills, and maintain a strong intellectual curiosity about the world around them. As media and technology is changing almost daily, it is critical that the media study graduate not only understand how to use the diverse range of media that is available to him or her, it is also necessary to develop expertise in a particular field and develop work through that channel.

Skills gained in this program include:
  • Writing effective copy
  • Presenting a point of view clearly and forcefully in a variety of media
  • Using sight, sound, motion, and words to create powerful and exciting images
  • Synchronizing words with music, movement, sound, and lighting to produce a finished work
  • Effectively using design elements to hold an audience's attention
  • Using research and investigative techniques to develop a piece of work
  • Operating cameras, recorders, and computers
  • Becoming resourceful in obtaining props, sets, and other effects necessary to a production
  • Using communication techniques to obtain and relay information
  • Selecting, evaluating, and editing media materials

Career Choices
Game designers, Web and interface designers, Multimedia programmers,Special effects/graphics designers, VR interfaces for scientific research, industrial design, and architecture, Curators in galleries and museums, Film/media reviewers/critics, Film/media writers, producers, directors, editors, technicians, Independent artists, Media specialists/consultants, University/ college professors, Library media specialists, Media center administrator/technician, Development officer for private foundation

Recent graduates have found employment in the following areas:
  • Assistant editor at Solarium (edits commercials and shows for Lifetime and TLC channels)
  • Assistant producer, WGBH-Boston
  • Director of George Eastman House, Rochester, NY
  • Editor for Fox Sports
  • Film and video production at CineFamily, NYC
  • Film programmer at Hallwalls
  • Multimedia developer at Ingram Micro, Inc.
  • Production coordinator at Believe Media, Inc., Los Angeles, CA.
  • Videographer & Video Editor at The Avenue Code, Buffalo, NY
  • Intern at NEO Studios, Jackson Heights, NY
  • Virtual Reality Video Stitcher at RYOT
  • Story PA at VH1 Love & Hip Hop 6 Reunion, Greater NYC Area
  • News Editor at CCTV News (July 2015-present)
  • Metro Reporter for Tampa Bay Times - Times Publishing Co., and before that a Metro Reporter for The Boston Globe

Several graduates have won Emmys, Clios, and major film festivals, and have had their work shown on PBS and national television.

Work settings include:
  • Advertising agencies
  • Animation providers
  • Colleges/universities
  • Film studios
  • Film/video supply houses
  • Libraries
  • Media galleries
  • Media production firms
  • Motion picture companies
  • Museums/archives
  • Newspapers/publishing firms
  • Non-profit agencies
  • Public relations agencies
  • Record companies
  • Recording studios
  • Schools
  • Television/radio stations
  • Touring production companies
  • Web design firms

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Post-undergraduate Opportunities

The Department of Media Study at UB offers these graduate degrees:
  • M.F.A. in Media Arts Production

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