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Environmental Engineering - Overview

Department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering

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Environmental Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
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Andrew S. Whittaker
James N. Jensen
Director of Undergraduate Studies


Environmental engineers work at the interface of society and the environment, striving to protect both human and ecosystem health. Among the top priorities of the profession are the delivery of safe water to drink and clean air to breathe, and the restoration of water quality in the Great Lakes, the Hudson River, and natural water systems throughout the world. Today, environmental engineers face issues that are changing the globe. With their unique combination of environmental science and engineering, environmental engineers are the linchpins in developing solutions to global climate change. From preventing waterborne diseases in the most remote village to protecting air, water, and soil at home, environmental engineers defend the global public health and ecosystem viability.

The educational objectives of the environmental engineering program are that within a few years after graduation, our graduates will:
-Satisfy the requirements of their employers for professional practice in environmental engineering
-Continue their professional development in environmental engineering, including professional licensure, continuing education, and/or graduate study

Based upon the objectives above, our program provides students with the knowledge and skills of the profession that will be useful as they begin their careers and/or prepare for advanced studies.

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