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Environmental Geosciences - Overview

Environmental Geosciences Program

Contact Information

Department of Geology
College of Arts and Sciences
North Campus
Buffalo, NY

Phone: 716.645.3489
Fax: 716.645.3999
Email: envsci@buffalo.edu
Web Address: www.envsci.buffalo.edu
Environmental GeoSciences
411 Cooke Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, New York 14226


Environmental Geosciences is an interdisciplinary curriculum integrating physical, chemical and biological aspects of the environment and environmental systems. There remains a huge demand for scientists with quantitative, interdisciplinary training in environmental sciences to address, mitigate, and manage a multitude of complex environmental problems facing society. The Interdisciplinary Program in Environmental Geosciences curriculum is specially designed to prepare students for leadership positions across a broad range of environmental fields and professions, and it currently has three specialization tracks: Ecology & the Environment, Water & the Environment, and Environmental Monitoring & Analysis. Environmental Geoscience graduates will have a solid foundation in biological, physical, and natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, and analytic and geospatial techniques, as well as the specialized training necessary for integrated analysis of environmental systems.

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