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Susan L. Smith, PhD


Health and Human Services is one of six concentration areas in the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary major. It is an academic program designed for students interested in using an interdisciplinary approach to study health and human service delivery systems. Students focus their upper level coursework in community mental health, early childhood studies, or social gerontology. Each specialization features a practicum. For more information please see the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs.

Community Mental Health: Coursework for this area surveys the diverse needs of mental health clients and numerous issues in the mental health field. During two semesters of fieldwork, students do internships in mental health agencies, interact with clients and learn about resources available to help these clients improve the quality of their lives.

Early Childhood Studies: This area of study is ideal for students who are preparing for careers with children. Professional options include careers in such areas as social work, psychology, and education. Although this major does not lead to a teaching certification, the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary programs major in Health and Human Services/Early Childhood is one of the approved majors for acceptance to UB's Graduate School of Education for early childhood/childhood education.

Social Gerontology: The field of aging is rewarding and expanding rapidly. Coursework in this area and two semesters of fieldwork provide students with the foundation needed for a wide variety of career options working with the elderly or for advanced studies in the field.

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