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Degrees Offered & Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate: BA in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
Concentration: Health and Human Services (Community Mental Health, Early Childhood, Social Gerontology)
Combined: BA/MSW
Concentration: Health and Human Services/Graduate School of Social Work

See Social Sciences Interdisciplinary for degree requirements

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of all requirements, the student will have knowledge to:
  • Identify a range of health and human service professions; identify the characteristics of HHS professionals: identify the characteristics of social service organizations; understand typical human service problems and client needs; understand important theories that support human service interventions
  • Understand the foundational principles of two social science disciplines foundational to human service interventions
  • Understand the methodology of social science research: be able to critically evaluate social research; propose a research project that would answer a significant research question
  • Foundation statistical methods used to evaluate data in relation to knowledge claims
  • Recognize the effect of human values and diversity of culture on the provision of health and human services: understand key concepts such as patient/client autonomy-informed consent on the provision of health and human services
  • Demonstrate understanding a major sector of community mental health: major mental illness, developmental disabilities. addictions treatment, child mental and emotional health. Identify community organizations: agency structure and function; client populations and problems, employment of specific helping techniques
  • Demonstrate understanding of the dynamic process of aging from a social and physical perspective: Agency structure and function; health care needs and response: impact of family and social structure; intervention skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of child and adolescent agencies and services: knowledge of early childhood development, language development, early childhood educational research and practice, normal development and problems of development, family structure and functions, interventions
  • Demonstrate personal characteristics and professional skills associated with entry level human service positions, especially knowledge of ethical guidelines related to confidentiality
  • Develop interview, oral presentation and writing skills necessary in human service fields

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