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Industrial Engineering - Overview

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
342 Bell Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-2050

Phone: 716.645.2357
Fax: 716.645.3302
Web Address: www.ise.buffalo.edu
Ann Bisantz
Jun Zhuang
Director of Undergraduate Studies


The Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) department at UB offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs in industrial and systems engineering, including an accredited bachelor of science degree in Industrial Engineering (BSIE).

Industrial engineers (IEs) apply knowledge from the mathematical, physical, information and human sciences to study, design and improve systems healthcare, security, transportation, energy and manufacturing industries. A B.S. degree in industrial engineering from UB leads to careers in industries such as airline operations, automotive manufacturing, health services, military operations, and financial services. IE graduates have maximum flexibility to pursue their goals for advancement in management as well as systems design.

Our program objectives are to prepare students academically and professionally so that soon after graduation ISE graduates will have:
  1. Met the expectations of employers of industrial engineers.
  2. Undertaken informal or formal leadership roles in their professional activities.
  3. Stayed current by pursuing professional development activities such as graduate study and continuing education.

At UB, students are taught by award-winning faculty, and participate in cutting-edge research in areas such as smart manufacturing, human-computer interaction, design for disabled individuals, manufacturing, hazardous materials routing, aviation safety and security, and data mining.

IEs solve modern management problems, using sophisticated quantitative analysis. With the rapid infusion of computer technology into manufacturing processes and service systems, coupled with the demand for higher product quality in a competitive marketplace, IEs are an essential and valued part of many organizations.

At our departmental website, http://www.ise.buffalo.edu, there is a complete description of the department, profiles of current students and faculty, and exciting news and events about the students, faculty, and research programs in IE.

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