Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog

Legal Studies - Careers

Career Information and Further Study

The IDP concentration in Legal Studies provides an academic background relevant to a wide range of occupations and fields of graduate study.

Alumni report being employed in the following fields:
  • Paralegal at the Law Offices of Wayne Felle
  • Legal Assistant with the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller
  • Human Intelligence Sergeant with the New York Army National Guard
  • State Trooper with the New York State Police
  • Law Clerk with Hogan Willig LLC
  • Investigator Trainee with Equal Opportunity Commission
Graduate and Professional Programs
  • Law School at Penn State
  • Law School at the University of Tulsa
  • Law School at Vermont Law School
  • Law School at Case Western Reserve
  • Law School at Cooley Law School
  • Law School at University at Buffalo
  • Public Relations at Buffalo State College
  • Criminal Justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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