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Music Theatre - Overview

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Music Theatre
College of Arts and Sciences
285 Alumni Arena
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-5030

Phone: 716.645.6897
Fax: 716.645.6992
Web Address: theatredance.buffalo.edu
Lynne Koscielniak
Nathan R. Matthews
Director of Music Theatre B.F.a; Theatre Performance, B.F.a.
Dyan Burlingame
Director of Design/Technology B.F.a.
Jeanne Fornarola
Director of Dance B.a. and B.F.a
Robert Knopf
Director of Theatre, BA
Karen Cleary
Assistant to the Chair
Katie Mallison
Academic Manager


The B.F.A. Music Theatre program at UB encompasses the ever-widening spectrum of theatre arts that ranges from performance art to opera and includes Broadway musicals, cabaret, and dance works. The B.F.A in Music Theatre embraces all of these forms, including the research and creation of new works of music theatre and the re-envisioning of the classics for the twenty-first century.

The BFA in Music Theatre aims to train complete music theatre artists. Our goal is to prepare our students to succeed as multi-faceted professionals in an increasingly competitive and challenging field. To provide a comprehensive course of study, our tripartite curriculum includes classes in acting, music, and dance. The required courses also include technical theatre and design, and students have the opportunity to study choreography and stage direction.

Prospective majors should meet with the Director of Music Theatre and an undergraduate advisor as soon as possible.

Auditions in acting, dance and music are required for acceptance into the BFA degree program.

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