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Philosophy - Overview

Department of Philosophy

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College of Arts and Sciences
135 Park Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

Phone: 716.645.2444
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Web Address: philosophy.buffalo.edu
David Hershenov


Philosophy studies the foundation of values, examines the nature of justice, knowledge and reality, and sets the mind working with accuracy and imagination.

The student of philosophy learns the fundamental theories and concepts that have framed our intellectual heritage, and also learns the essential tools to investigate and develop the ideas that shape our lives today. Philosophy is especially well equipped to teach skills that are important for success in almost any endeavor: how to think critically, how to construct arguments and examine reasons, and how to formulate and express ideas clearly both verbally and in writing.

A major in philosophy provides a solid foundation for advanced study in almost any field, for entering a profession, and for entering the job market with confidence. Because philosophy trains the student to think clearly and critically, it is excellent preparation for the many professions that require these skills.

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