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School Of Management - Degrees & Policies

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate: BS in Business Administration, BS in Accounting
Business Administration Concentrations:
  • Financial Analysis
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management

Combined Degrees: BS/MBA

Graduate: MBA, MS, PhD

Minors: Management


Academic advisement is available in the Undergraduate Academic Programs Office in 204 Alfiero Center (716-645-3206). The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed noon-1:00 p.m.)

Acceptance Information

Academic performance in the freshman and sophomore courses is the main criterion for admission to the upper division of the School of Management. In the first two years, students work on the UB curriculum and seven prerequisite courses to enter the junior year major courses. All students must achieve and maintain the admission standards required to continue in the major and register in the junior year major course requirements.

High school students interested in the accounting or business administration major are encouraged to apply early for admission to the University at Buffalo. Due to the quantitative nature of these majors it is recommended students complete pre-calculus and be calculus-ready prior to enrollment to UB.

Current UB students who did not apply to the School of Management at entry to UB may complete a change of major request and need to achieve and maintain the standards as students admitted at entry to UB in order to enter the junior year major courses.

Admission Deadlines:
Accounting - Rolling
Business Administration - Rolling
Management Minor - April 1 (fall admission); November 1 (spring admission)

Admission Criteria:
For admission to the Accounting BS program, please see Accounting Degree Requirements.

For admission to the Business Administration BS program, please see Business Administration Degree Requirements.

For admission to the Management Minor program, please see the minor degree charts below.

Honors Program
If you are a junior in one of the School of Management's baccalaureate degree programs (business administration or accounting) with exemplary freshman and sophomore records and high promise for leadership and independent study, you may be eligible for the School of Management Honors program.
Less than 5 percent of School of Management students are offered the opportunity to participate in this elite program. If you are admitted to the program, you will be granted a number of unique opportunities and distinctions. For example, you will:
  • Work with a faculty mentor, drawn from our award-winning teaching and research faculty and matched to you based on your field of interest.
  • Receive exclusive invitations to events coordinated by the School of Management Alumni Association. You also will be invited and encouraged to become a part of the School of Management's alumni network, enabling you to develop important contacts and relationships for the future.
  • Be given the opportunity to enroll in select graduate-level business courses to fulfill your undergraduate requirements
  • Enroll in an exclusive section of MGO 403 Fundamentals of Strategic Management, our capstone experience, designated solely for Honors program participants
  • Earn an Honors program designation on your transcript upon degree conferral if you meet all the necessary requirements.

To be considered for admission to the program, your overall GPA must be 3.6 or higher at the time of application. Although emphasis will be placed on your GPA, you should submit the supplemental application and a résumé so that we can consider your leadership potential, involvement in extracurricular activities and service to the community.

You must submit your complete Honors program application by September 30 of your junior year to receive full consideration for admission into the program for your spring semester. University Honors College management majors receive admissions preference, provided you meet the overall GPA requirement.

Earn Distinction

By fulfilling all requirements of the honors curriculum you will be eligible for official distinction on your transcript based on your GPA, as follows:
  • If you achieve a GPA of at least 3.5 in School of Management upper-division coursework at graduation, you will earn the distinction "with Honors."
  • If you achieve a GPA of at least 3.7 in School of Management upper-division coursework at graduation, you will earn the distinction of "with High Honors."
  • If you achieve a GPA of at least 3.9 in School of Management upper-division coursework at graduation, you will earn the distinction "with Highest Honors."

  • These designations are in addition to, not in lieu of, Latin honors should you meet the University requirements for Latin honors designation.

    Honors Program Curriculum
    The Undergraduate Honors program curriculum includes 12 credit hours of instruction over three semesters.

    Leadership Development Sequence:
    Your honors coursework begins and ends with leadership development courses. You will take MGB 360 Leadership Development I, the first course in a two-course sequence, in the spring semester of your junior year. This 2-credit-hour course is modeled on our highly successful LeaderCORETM certification offered to full-time MBA students. You will be assessed on key leadership competencies and introduced to the processes that strengthen those competencies. One strategic deliverable of MGB 360 is a developmental plan that you will then pursue in the following semesters. You will be debriefed on your developmental plan in the spring semester of your senior year when you take the second course in the sequence, MGB 361 Leadership Development II (1 credit hour).

    Flex Credit:
    You also will complete 6 credit hours of flex credit, generally during the summer before your senior year, in the fall semester of your senior year or the following winter session. Flex credit must be approved by the faculty director of the Honors program and can be fulfilled by completing 6 credits of the following:
    1. An honors supplemental course option with a faculty member teaching an existing undergraduate management class. This option describes additional Honors coursework that you will complete for that course during the semester. University Honors College students can use the honors contract for this purpose.
    2. A credit-bearing internship in the School of Management
    3. trips, in particular, raise the possibility of completing flex credit outside of the fall semester of senior year, such as during summer and winter sessions.
    4. Credit-bearing undergraduate research activity, including the University Honors College thesis, for those who are enrolled in the University Honors College.
    5. Select graduate courses by permission.
    Senior Year Capstone Section
    In your final semester of the Honors program, you will participate in a designated honors section of MGO 403 Fundamentals of Strategic Management.

    Junior Year- Spring Semester: MGB 360 Leadership Development 1 (2 credit hours)
    Generally-Senior Year- Summer, Fall, or Winter Semester: Flex Credit (6 credit hours)
    Senior Year-Spring Semester: MGB 361 Leadership Development II (1 credit hour) MGO 403 Fundamentals of Strategic Management (3 credit hours)

    Transfer Policy

    Students may apply for transfer from two year or four year colleges and enter the School of Management undergraduate programs. Transfer students are subject to the academic review and requirements stated in this catalog for the specific program, including the minimum transfer, overall and prerequisite GPA requirements.

    For more information on admission of transfer students, including minimum GPAs and other important criteria, please see the specific requirements for Accounting and Business Administration.

    All admissions decisions and other policies and regulations established by the School of Management are subject to review by the written petition procedures.

    Management - Minor

    Acceptance Criteria

    Applicants to the School of Management minor program must be matriculating UB students in good academic standing who have completed at least 60 credit hours and the minor prerequisite courses with a minimum overall GPA, UB GPA, and prerequisite GPA of 2.5. All prerequisite courses should be completed or in progress when applying for the minor.

    Meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee admission. The program is competitive and only the top 75 fall applicants and the top 75 spring applicants will be admitted each year.

    The Management minor is not available to students majoring in Business Administration or Accounting.

    Advising Notes

    Upper-division management courses are taken during the junior and/or senior years, after acceptance into the minor program.

    Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in management courses in order to graduate with the Management minor, as well as meet the University Degree Requirements. Students who have been admitted to the program and who have satisfied these requirements will receive the minor upon conferral of an undergraduate degree. Students must be in an approved major to be admitted to the minor.

    While the program will seek to accommodate individual preference for which three of the six elective courses each student participates in, exact preference cannot be guaranteed due to potential capacity constraints. Students are expected to complete all 300 minor courses at UB.

    Prerequisite Courses

    MGG 150 Business and Society
    MGA 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
    MGQ 201 Introduction Statistics for Analytics
    PSY 101 Introductory Psychology

    Required Course

    MGB 301 Organizational Behavior and Administration

    Minor Credit Requirements Chart
    Total Credits Required for Minor/Certificate 25

    Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine how any transfer or exam credit might be utilized in meeting UB curriculum, prerequisite, or minor requirements.


    Must complete three of the following six courses:
    MGA 202 Introduction to Management Accounting
    MGF 301 Corporation Finance (requires prior completion or concurrent registration in MGQ 301)
    MGM 301 Principles of Marketing (requires prior completion of ECO 182)
    MGO 302 Production and Operations Management
    MGQ 301 Statistical Decisions in Management
    MGS 351 Introduction to Management Information Systems (available to minors in the summer)

    See Baccalaureate Degree Requirements (UB Curriculum) for UB curriculum and remaining university requirements.

    Recommended Sequence of Program Requirements

    Fall MGG 150 or PSY 101
    Spring MGG 150 or PSY 101

    Fall MGA 201 or MGQ 201
    Spring MGA 201 or MGQ 201

    Fall MGB 301
    Spring Minor Elective Course

    Fall Minor Elective Course
    Spring Minor Elective Course

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