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Public Health - Minor


For advisement regarding the public health minor, contact:
Office for Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) at sphhp-oasa@buffalo.edu or (716)829-6769.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Be a matriculated undergraduate student in a major at UB with at least one semester of coursework completed
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.0

Acceptance Information

Completion of at least one semester at UB
Minimum 2.0 Overall GPA

To apply, please fill out the application form at http://sphhp.buffalo.edu/home/education/minor-programs/undergraduate-public-health-minor/admissions/apply-public-health-minor.html

Required Courses

PUB 101 Introduction to Public Health
One lower-division course (3 cr. minimum; see options list below)*
PUB 301 Introduction to Epidemiology
STA 427 Introduction to Medical Statistics
Two upper-division courses (minimum 6 credit hours total; see options list below)**

*Lower Division Course Options
any 200-level public health (PUB) course

**Upper Division Course Options
any 300-level or 400-level public health (PUB) course numbered 300-370 or 400-470, or one of the following options

AAS 414 Health Problem in the Black Community
AMS 343 Human Ecology
BIO 317 Medical Entomology/Parasitology
CEP 404 Introduction to the Rehabilitation of Substance Abuse & Addiction
COM 380 Health Communication
ECO 411 Health Economics
END 308 Health and Urban Environments
ES 402 Exercise Nutrition
ES 428 Health Promotion, Prevention, and Wellness
GEO 412 Geography of Health
HIS 447 Health and Illness in American History
MFC 450 Strategic Planning and Budgeting for Health-Care Departments
MFC 451 Human Resources Issues for Health-Care Managers
MFC 452 Quality Management in Health Care
NTR 401 Nutrition and Health
NTR 402 Nutrition in the Life Cycle
PSC 314 Public Policy Making
PSY 325 Health Psychology
PSY 404 Alcohol and Health
PSY 323 Community Psychology
PSY 412 Psychology of Aggression and Violence
SOC 332 Introduction to Medical Sociology
SOC 378 Social Inequalities & Health
SOC 385 Neighborhoods and Health
SOC 422 Advanced Topics in Health & Society
SOC 477 Sociology of Health Care
SOC 394 Medicine and Health
SSC 407 Health Care and the Elderly
SSC 413 Addictions Treatment
SSC 414 Grant Writing for Non-Profits
SSC 420 Child Mental Health
SSC 428 Health Law
STA 403 Regression Analysis
STA 404 Analysis of Variance

Note: for both the lower division and upper division elective courses, a student may petition the program director for permission to count a course not on the approved electives list.

Career Information and Further Study

Public health training prepares individuals for a range of career options. More information on careers in public health can be found by visiting the following recommended sites:




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