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The special major proposal is a well-conceived and deliberately-formulated plan of study in which the student, in consultation with faculty sponsors, defines his or her educational objectives.

The special major integrates specific kinds of knowledge into a cohesive whole; it is not simply a collection of courses. When proposing a special major, a statement of intent and purpose must be written. This statement serves as the rationale for the individualized program of study. The statement specifies the ways in which the curricular resources of the University have been selected and combined in support of the proposed major. In short, the statement of intent and purpose gives the student an opportunity to highlight the major's educational integrity and vocational potential.

The coursework must demonstrate both breadth and depth in the student's topical area. While a specific number of upper-division courses is not prescribed, it is assumed that a special major will reflect the rigor of existing baccalaureate programs and uphold the academic standards set forth by the University. Faculty sponsors selected to assist the student in the development of the special major must have expertise in the chosen field(s) of study and must be appointed at least at the assistant professor level in a tenure-track appointment.

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