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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary approach to how the mind works. It investigates thought and consciousness, the senses and emotions, the structure of language, cultural patterns, neural organization, and computational analogs of mental processes. It examines how these areas interact, how they develop in the growing human, and how they appear in other animals.

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Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies BA or BS degree offers an opportunity for students to study social science and natural science disciplines related to the environment. Field courses and an internship are required. The BS adds chemistry, ecological methods and spatial analysis. Specialty tracks provide a body of course work and experiences that prepare a student for a defined area within the field of environmental studies. In addition to the defined specialty tracks, the Environmental Studies Program accepts petitions for individualized programs.

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Health and Human Services (Social Gerontology, Community Mental Health, and Early Childhood Studies)

Health and Human Services studies the systems delivering human services to individuals and communities in need, the problems affecting those individuals and communities, and the professions and professionals providing services. Students focus their upper level coursework in community mental health, early childhood studies, or social gerontology. A significant on-site practicum experience is an integral part of this curriculum.

Community Mental Health: Coursework for this area surveys the diverse needs of mental health clients and numerous issues in the mental health field. During two semesters of fieldwork, students do internships in mental health agencies, interact with clients and learn about resources available to help these clients improve the quality of their lives.

Early Childhood Studies: This area of study is ideal for students who are preparing for careers with children. Professional options include careers in such areas as social work, psychology, and education. Although this major does not lead to a teaching certification, the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary programs major in Health and Human Services/Early Childhood is one of the approved majors for acceptance to UB's Graduate School of Education for early childhood/childhood education.

Social Gerontology: The field of aging is rewarding and expanding rapidly. Coursework in this area and two semesters of fieldwork provide students with the foundation needed for a wide variety of career options working with the elderly or for advanced studies in the field.

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Health and Human Services/Social Work

The Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs (IDP) and the Graduate School of Social Work have developed a combined degree program between IDP's Health and Human Services concentration and Social Work's Master of Social Work. It is a 5-year program that leads to a combined B.A./M.S.W. degree. Only Health and Human Services students with junior standing, who have met the minimum admission requirements, are eligible to apply to this competitive program. More information on this program may be obtained through the IDP office.

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International Studies

The International Studies program provides a general background useful for graduate studies or a number of career fields with international involvement. The three tiers of the curriculum beyond the prerequisite level are based on:

1. The belief that significant language competence is fundamental to the field of international inquiry and activity;
2. The assumption that students in the field should be exposed to a range of disciplinary approaches;
3. The desirability of pursuing some focused interest in a particular geographic area.

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Legal Studies

The Legal Studies concentration is designed for students who are interested in studying the law, legal processes, legal institutions, and the role of law in society. The program offers a multidisciplinary perspective on the law in its social and political context.

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Urban and Public Policy Studies

This program provides a general academic introduction to the fields of urban and public policy studies. The departments of political science, sociology and geography provide the foundations for this program where analytical skills are emphasized. After a foundation in American society, students choose from advanced courses dealing with specific issues such as public policy, economic structure, land use, transportation, racial issues, or social inequality.

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